Glatt Kosher Gourmet Cooking With the renowned chef « Sidney Azoulay »

hofesh_restauration_v2The Kashrut is Glatt kosher lamehadrin under the Hashgacha and      Supervision of Rav Ephraim Cremisi chlita (Dayan of Montreal)       no Kitniot, and no Gebrocht 

• We offer 3 sumptuous meals per day .
• Hearty buffet every day.
• Gourmet meal will be proposed with wine and drinks.
• Seder private or collective.
• Matsa Chemoura (handmade) for seder days.
• Kiddush royal served the days of Yom Tov.
• Lobby bar open from 8 am to midnight with hot and cold drinks.
• Rich Israeli breakfast Buffets and sweet hours every day .
• Meals for children and babies will be served before the adult meals.
• Possibility of vegetarian or diabetic meals.
• Lunch boxes for every guest who is coming out of the hotel in Chol-Hamoed.

To finish in beauty a magical Mimouna with many surprises!

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