Pesach was great, beautiful tefilot, non stop food and lot of exciting events, touring and best of all a lot of achdut. The kids BH had so much fun, they were crying when it was time to leave. Great staff very attentive and caring. Delicious and fresh food from start to end. Excellent ruach. The program was well very well organized and thought out. I highly recommend! Kol haKavod to the Assayagh family.

baruch derringer

We had a marvelous time with Hofesh in Lloret del Mar.The whole staff with Nissim and Yaacov heading them, were helpfull and did nights as days to fulfill any request or need of the guests.
כל הכבוד – היה פשוט יוצא מן הכלל.
Family Halperin – Modi’in, Israel.

Danny Halperin

A GREAT BRAVO to the ASSAYAGH family for this superb PESSAH 2016/5776 organized in ITALY. Everything has been carefully studied for the comfort and well-being of the residents. From reception on the first day until the last, quality gifts have been offered, with the well-read logo of the HOFESH organization. The RAV BENCHETRIT courses were attended by more than 500 participants, delighted to listen and learn each day, in a good mood, concentration and with a lot of humor his DIVER THORA.

Refined menus were appreciated by all participants from Israel, USA, England, Canada, Morocco, Switzerland, and of course France. The evenings were hosted by the great RAV cantor Raphaël COHEN, the famous singer Albert ELKRIEFF and the talented comedian ZADOC. A treat every evening of relaxation and in a very warm atmosphere. Congratulations also to the animators who helped to relax our young people! The evening of the Mimouna will remain engraved in our minds. Without hesitation, I would return SDV with this organization HOFESH led by professionals and having a heart so generous! Armand BOKOBZA Director of the cultural magazine of the Jewish communities of Val-de-Marne EDEN 94.


We had a great time with hofesh in the mountains! For the first time it was perfectly successful, as if you had done it for years! Great atmosphere, beautiful meetings, some meals better than others, good service, dynamic team … a real holiday simply! The children have enjoyed, and let the parents rest … We recommend this club and we hope to leave with you soon bh!

Jonathan Benichou

Very good organization


For his first year in the mountains, the Hofesh team was there.
Always listening, taking into account the comments of customers, in a friendly and family atmosphere.
Kol hakavod Nessim and Yaacov, as well as the staff.

Moshé Botbol

PESSAH of madness with Hofech
Organizers, animators, baby club everything is perfect
Very attentive to the client The whole family gives itself to 150% and a kindness
Abundant and refined cuisine (+ 2kg) 🍽👍👌idem for snacks 🍉🍌🍦🍩🍵☕🍹🍸
Gifts for children 🎁🎉🥇and adults
Evening entertainment at the top ⚽️🏀🏓🥅🎯🏊♂️ ♠ ️🎲
Mini club a relief for parents and leclatade for kids
We just want to go back
Thank you Thank you and thank you for all the kif you bring us


It was really amazing all this atmosphere and organization worthy of the big ones of the world
Thank you very much to Nissim Assayagh and all are team

To advise anyone suffering from monotony .. !!! Nissim Bravo .. !!

Didier Atlan

, המלון הטוב ביותר כי ביליתי עם המשפחה שלי, כל הכבוד
אוכל באיכות גבוהה, אנימציה יוצאת דופן, מלון ממוקם היטב
משפחת גולדברג

goldberg family

Bravo Hoffech,
For my first performance with you on Pesach, we were satisfied with 99%.
100% you will refund me good trip.
see you soon in a future club, with Sadoc too …
Pierre Bouskila

Bouskila Pierre

CANON! I loved this family holiday at Hofesh everything was perfect no complaints: service, organization, baby club, atmosphere … a serious team, generous and dedicated! To do again!

malka corcos

A few words to describe my stay as very pleasant. It was my first stay organized and therefore with some apprehensions and here I met a dynamic team, serious, listening, both before my departure, that during our stay whether on essential issues but also and especially on small details. Abundant food, gourmet and quality, very beautiful hotel, kiddush of fairy Sabbath, … To redo 🙂
Michael Dray

Michael Dray

Beautiful spacious room with terrace and Jacuzzi
Calm beach
Nice city with many shoppings near the hotel
Nissim is always attentive and present.

Regine Stern

Great service! Special thanks to Yaacob, we had an amazing time!

Yael Liberjen

There is only one word to describe Pesach 2017 with Hofesh FANTASTIC !!!
The food was a culinary sensation! The pastries was like a wedding!
The location great!

Can not wait until next year.

Nate and Phyllis

Nathan Hollander

That HM BLESSED Nessim Jacob the Dayan Narboni family and all the staff resto the chef always at your disposal
And without forgetting the reception of l.hotel and the young girls and boys of exceptional animation

Zadoc Benharrosh

Beautiful pessah
Children are kings gifts entertainment show.
Unforgettable memories very good teams all is organized to the details.
The excellent food, the great hotel have really lacked nothing.
Well, see you next year at hofech

Vivi Marciano

(Very good) FOOD food!
We have been received as kings since the arrival (thank you for all the gifts in the room!) Until departure (breakfast served before the shuttle to airport etc.)
I can not go elsewhere on vacation than at Hofesh

Rudy Thevenet

Super Pesach !!! Thank you to the whole team of Hofesh for being a little caring for everyone, in addition to a very family atmosphere. See you next year SDV!

Nathalie Temim

Beautiful pessah with a team of shock. Thank you for these beautiful moments. The family assayag are very close to these guests. The meals were excellent with a variety of choices. The caterer must be among the best .The hotel was very well located in front of the shops and next to the sea. The hotel had a very pleasant Spa. See you next year, God willing….

Anais Koskad

This stay was a pure moment of relaxation of conviviality and warmth !!
The whole team was very caring for each of us. Gifts galore, attentions, abundant quality meals, staff more than welcoming ….
Nothing to add: HOFESH the Best !!!!
Thanks nessim and yaacov 💛💛💛💛💛💛

Elodie Toledano Raccah

This stay was a pure moment of relaxation of conviviality and warmth !!
The whole team was very caring for each of us. Gifts galore, attentions, abundant quality meals, staff more than welcoming ….
Nothing to add: HOFESH the Best !!!!
Thanks nessim and yaacov 💛💛💛💛💛💛

Aline Alloul

Not having gone for Pesach for 10 years, we had a wonderful family holiday (15 people):
Here’s what we enjoyed:

– Well placed, close to the sea and the center
– Clean rooms, hotel toilets in general
– Room Comfort
– Several lifts
– Indoor and Outdoor Pool
– Shuttle Service

– Stay hide lemehadrine, without kitniot
– Rav & Speaker very captivating
– Tefilot Yom Tov, Shabbat, or Hol Hamoed organized and orchestrated by several ‘Hazan of high quality
– Minian Ashkenazi or Sephardi
– Exeptionnelle Inauguration of a sefer torah

– Catering and team of cooks with good ideas and who always renew the flavors
– Very attentive server team
– Exceptional buffet when arriving at the hotel
– Grill by the pool
– Endless kiddushes in front of Yom Tov / Shabbat pool
– Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner buffet with food in abundance, buffet or served at table with unlimited wine
– Accessible lobby bar H24 and unlimited

– Singers
– DJ
– Pool animation
– Humorist
– Baby club
– Baby foot / Ping Pong
– Poker Tournament
– Musical evenings

– Always available (even too much!)
– Listening to all customers
– Very friendly
– We can only appreciate them!

Negative points (almost nothing):
– Mimouna: Too many people in the dining room, it was difficult to make their way and sit with tables
– Animation :
– Photo: No professional photographer
– Games and tournaments: no real prizes to win (to involve more people and create challenges)

I forgot the little extra that sets the mood: the welcome gift in the room!

We will keep a very good memory of this trip and we will recommend the Hofesh organization to our surroundings.
Congratulations to all the team!

Jordan Abehsera

Stay o top at all levels
Beautiful hotel
Warm welcome with gifts for everyone
The children are kings with their meal on time in quantity and very adapted to their taste all the bouncy castles that hofesh installs on the spot are of madness
BBQ by the pool with piano bar very classy
Animation of day and night madness during hol hamoed with avner Darmoni and Mickaël dayane
The offices of quality with the presence of two great tenors Raphaël Cohen and Elie Dayane and yoel dayane
Mimouna fairy with the dayane orchestra and buffet at will
Frankly I reserve my place for next year sdv

chantal Dayane

exceptional stay
a wonderful organization, before and during the stay.
the organizers during the stay only think to give and always listening !!
-food in abundance and excellent!
-various and continuous animation
– gifts to finish
– baby and mini club very competent and relieving
– a non stop bar free !!!!
but good !!!
excellent service !!

michel hazan

Wonderful stay, perfect, both in terms of the choice of the hotel, both in terms of service on all levels, the client is put fully forward, the team knows how to listen to each person, and meets everyone needs on a case-by-case basis.
The meals were refined, served on time, and in abundance.
I had the chance to be part of the musical animation center, and I am more than happy to have discovered this beautiful team so warm.
A big bravo !!!

Mickael Dayane

Exceptional stay. The customer is King and breathes the freedom of Passover in all areas. A dedicated team, attentive and competent.

Raphael Cohen

Exceptional stay: sun, kif par excellence, a pleasant team, generous people and abundant food of quality !! A gold family. I highly recommend hofesh organization for pessah. Thanks again for everything !!!

Bruno benarroche

Very nice stay good atmosphere the generosity flowed afloat !!!! We met beautiful people and discovered a beautiful region Costa Brava !!!! Congratulations to our dear Nissim and Yaacov Assayag and all their team for this beautiful performance. We highly recommend Hofesh !!!!!

Mi da Mo

We had an amazing stay The teams were professional with a baby club for the kids gourmet food and wide I will come back this is sure

Hillel Isaac

We had a very good pessah with Hofesh. (the second year in a row) Good organization, very friendly atmosphere, food in abundance and quality, hotel very well located, the mini club service is very popular. I recommend

Nes Barchichat

I spent last year’s pessah with HOFESH, and I find that the managers are really attentive to the customers. I also appreciate the little attentions to our arrival and the gifts to the mimouna, a great atmosphere … year for business reasons I stay at home but I highly recommend

philippe hagege

Thank you to exist!!

Jeremy Levy

From year to year, Nissim is his team treats us. Everything is in the worry of details.
Nothing to say we are delighted!


Good home food a profusion frame at the level of our expectations good-natured atmosphere and I do not even talk about the mimouna. I will go back this year with
all my family

Helene Arnauve

I love this group, very nice welcome – I recommend

Laura Berdugo

Top level! I recommend, quality of service, welcome and serious, irreproachable!

Mickael Assayagh

Excellent I highly recommend it

yoel albo

A wonderful welcome and an incredible generosity
Delicacies and fantasies
A real moment of relaxation and pleasure

Myriam Hazan

Great hotels, luxurious and comfortable!

Noa Albo

At the top serious organization
Pleasant stay and terrace corresponding to its promises

Assayagh Dina

Nothing to say, it’s really great

Rahel Albo

I spend my holidays with them for 2 years, before that I paid almost double for the same type of service. Everything is no-limit catering and activities, I highly recommend

Lionel ALBO

Congratulations to Nissim Assayagh and the whole organizing team.
Always at the service of the customers, you knew how to make our stay magical.
Choice of hotel, welcome gifts, variety and abundance of meals, services and chirims by our master Rabbi David Pinto, theme nights, entertainment for children and adults, …
Thank you for giving the best of you to satisfy us


Regarding the stay we enjoyed this Passover. The site and the hotel were perfect. We did not have a problem with the shuttle 😉
The general atmosphere also suited us, in the Kedushah, this important celebration. The presence of Rav Pinto was also very precious.
In any case, thank you for your hospitality and kindness to you and your family. Always smile like
You do it.
May Hashem bless you and allow you to continue organizing semahot


First, I wanted to tell you that we have
had a great time with our family, and
thanks to your organization.
The welcome was very warm and the managers
always listening to us, whatever the time!
All the nice things you’ve had in our
respect ; welcome gifts in the room as well
that confectionery and bottle of milk for babies
are elements that we have appreciated.
It was really very generous of you.
Thank you for taking care of everything
length of stay, our children, so that they can,
they too, take advantage of the proposed framework.
The hotel, as well as all the inflatables
for the children, were perfectly adapted.
The meals were of quality,
all that was missing was the bread !!!
And if I had to rate this stay, I’ll put 9/10,
so very satisfactory.
Moreover, we intend to reiterate and recommend
this stay to our friends, and our family.
So I tell you, another 1000 thanks,
and very quickly.
Yours truly.


Congratulations to the organizer Nissim, staff animation, Rabbanim, kitchen teams, instructors … for this unforgettable Pessah stay in Blanes.
We appreciated this real attention to detail and service provided, dotted with surprises throughout the stay.

Parents as children, we were pleasantly spoiled. Thank you !
When will the next stay?


Married and father of 4 children, the Hofesh stay went well.
It was paradise for children, baby club and mini club to the care of children, lunch and snack served to children, bouncy castle, trampoline, swimming pool, evening show the last night of the holidays, we enjoyed our stay my wife and I…
The welcome and surprises in our rooms made us very comfortable … chocolate box, fruit basket, toothbrush.
The luxury hotel and the food very good and in abundance
Hofesh is too fresh


I was very happy with the stay, the general atmosphere, the family assayagh was very welcoming, they put the joy in my heart from the first day to the last day, not to mention the fairy mimouna, thank you to the family assayagh!


Being very demanding in nature,

Being of very demanding nature, I found that this stay was one of the best!

Unlimited generosity, a permanent team investment, touching and stunning attentions, a constant Thora spirit, a warm atmosphere and a totally dedicated family!
It must be lived to understand it so those who have not tested yet go there;)

We will meet for this year at Passover sdvv
Thank you Hofesh!

Hedva Hazan

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