Hofesh invests to offer you the best!

The passion for hospitality is the key word Hofesh and our main purpose. Composed of a team of passionate and experienced professionals, Hofesh is the organization that will seduce you and put at your service all the ingredients for your well being and your comfort.

By selecting for you the most beautiful hotels matching the best performance while calculating the best price we guarantee you a trip of your dreams while maintaining your budget.

The restoration is carried out by our team in the kitchen, it will tickle your taste buds in the strict respect of the Halacha and under the supervision of Rav Cremesi (Dayan from Montreal) .

We also have an entertainment team whose mission is to entertain and relax, not to mention your kids from the smallest to largest to which we reserve many surprises.

Not to mention the religious activities, téfiloths assured by experienced Hazanims and lectures by famous Rabbanims.

Nissim and his team are waiting impatiently to make your stay with us unforgettable

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