Under the Hashgacha and Supervision of Rabbi E. Cremisi שליטא (Casher)

• Private Seder and large comunal Seder under the animation of the rabbi
• No Kitniot, and no Gebrocht .
• Matza Shmura – (hand made for the Seders).
• Professional Mashguihim permanently present.
• An officiating minister (Hazane Ashkenaz and Sepharad) and two rabbi.
• Ashkenaz and Sepharad Minyanim (two synagogue in hotel ).
• Siddur and hagadda of Passover for Ashkenazi and Sephardic.
• Daily conferences and « shiurim » in English or hebrew by our rabanims (Rabbi Yonathan Benchetrit, Rabbi Betzalel Grossnass).

The Roch Machgiyah will supervise all the kasherization of the hotel and will be present to answer all your questions.

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